Agrieze has supplied and installed Big Dutchman poultry broiler systems from Kumeu to Taranaki.

Check  here to see some of our work.

Six Free Range Houses: 168m x 16m capacity to 51,000 birds per house


Four Free range Houses: 126 x 16m capacity 40,000 birds per house:

Tunnel Ventilation Systems:

end sidewall fans.2
Cone fans for optimal power consumption and cooling air flow
Sidewall Variable Chimney Fans for total control

Retrofit New High Output Flex LED:

  • 48 volt light system added to existing Broiler House.
  • 4 Rows of  42 lights each gives 40 lux at floor level.
  • 1008 lumins per light
  • 3000K is perfect poultry color temperature
  • Super safe work environment

Hart lights web.2Hart lights web


New Four House Broiler Free Range Project :

Agrieze is proud to supply and install all ventilation and feeding/drinking  equipment for this new free range project.

Features chimney and sidewall fans for optimal air movement control and power efficiency

New LED High output Lights for best light intensity, color and uniformity

126 x 18m stocking 40,000 birds

The first house is now completed and performing above expectation

schlaepfer.outside.1 schlaepfer.inside.1 schlaepfer.inside.3